😎Warming Up is Essential before Workouts😎


Working out can strain the body if not done properly. At Best Fitness by Pharr, trainer Mark Gates ensures your muscles, as well as body, leaves his facility feeling great. How does he do it? Warming up is one of the best ways to prepare your muscles for the intense workout coming your way.

According to, Warming up increases blood flow to muscles, intensifies oxygen flow to the brain, not to mention the amount of energy transferred to the body is increased tremendously.

How long should you warm up?

According to trainer Mark Gates, warm ups should last for 10-15 minutes before and after any workout (cool down). The nerve to muscle pathways is opened, prepared for the workout. Your coordination improves gradually, reducing any chance of soft tissues which can cause strains on the body.

A great warm up routine can range from walking on a treadmill, jumping rope, stretching, or using a recumbent bike for a minimum of 10 minutes. Follow the recommendation of your trainer and do the warmups assigned to prevent strains or any unwanted injuries.

Source: SparkPeople

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