The Fountain of Health: Water


Water, we’re all aware that it’s one of the healthiest things to drink. H20 is second in popularity when it comes to soda, which has tons of sugar, acids, and calories. What did you drink for The Fourth of July? It’s okay if you had a cheat day, but it’s time to get back on track.

At Best Fitness by Pharr, trainer Mark Gates knows the importance of H20 and why it needs to be added to your daily routine. Statistics tell us we should drink at least 9 glasses a day. This healthy routine starts as soon as you awake, and before your first heavy meal. Drinking water helps to curb your appetite, allowing you to eat just enough to satisfy you.

There are a multitude of other reasons to stay hydrated with H20:

1. Clear Skin: There are tons of toxins in your body that causes your pores to clog. Water can flush these toxins out and lessen the appearance of pimples.

2. Muscle Fuel: The more you work out with Best Fitness by Pharr, the more you sweat. When the body loses water, the muscles lose energy. You can feel tired or fatigued if enough water isn’t consumed. Drink 6-9 glasses daily.

3. Calorie Control: There a million diets in this world but the best and most successful way to measure calories, is to drink water. There are studies to show the connection between drinking water and losing pounds.

4. Fatigue Fighter: Water can keep your energy up just as coffee can. Take the big gulps as soon as you awake in the morning and most certainly an hour before you fall asleep. This will rejuvenate the muscles and increase your energy.

5. Sickness Fighter: By helping the body stay hydrated, water can decrease the amounts of times you become sick. Don’t use this as a substitute for the Doctor, just add it to your daily routine.
Water has a great deal of positive side effects.

Therefore, it’s so important to Best Fitness by Pharr to ensure everyone in the facility is hydrated before and after workouts. Be sure to check out the options Mark Gates has for you before and after your workouts!

Source: Healthy reasons to drink water.

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