👊The Benefits of Work Out Supplements👊


Before you drive your car on the road, you get an oil change and tire rotation, right? Or before you leave for the day, you give your car about 2-3 minutes to warm up, correct? If you do, good job. If not, be careful. Just as a vehicle the body needs to be ready for what’s to come. This is the reason Mark Gates, has pre-and post-workout supplements for all clients who train regularly.

Let’s first learn the difference between pre-and post-workout supplements. Pre-means before, therefore before a great work out, water would be a great supplement to start with. Water isn’t the only supplement, there’s also Redline, NOS, Celsius, and much more.

According to the certified trainer, Mark Gates, these supplements help with the carbs in your body, which if too low will cause you to have very little energy to workout with. With the help of adding additional carbs, your body will function properly and you’re less likely to become dizzy or fatigued.

After your workout, the post-workout supplements could be water of course but if Mark Gates trains you he’ll be sure to offer, Isopure, Muscle Milk or whatever you choose. This is to help increase catalyst which was working over time during the workout, hydrate your body, and make you feel complete after the intense boot camp session at Best Fitness by Pharr.

Now that you have an overview of why pre-workout supplements are important as well as post-workout supplements help yourself and open one of the coolers at Best Fitness by Pharr. There are plenty of hydrating beverages with low sugar and carbs to choose from.

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